Traditionally corporate energy and facility managers with multi-site restaurants have avoided more sophisticated networked energy management systems. Because of prolonged operating hours, and equipment that significantly impacts HVAC operation, savings have in the past pushed out the return on investment to over 3 years. Our new technology & service approach have brought those paybacks for our customers to under 2 years.


We provide a coordinated approach between the appropriate hardware and a tailored service offering to provide a comprehensive energy and facility management solution. Our managed services team conduct a regular review of your building to determine potential areas of optimization, and review overall building health and performance. Our team also provides PM scheduling, call center services, dispatch, and service cost & performance histories.

As always you are involved in every step of the process and have complete discretionary control of building settings and reports. Ubiquity provides you feedback from your building - you'll understand equipment health, better manage building settings & performance and achieve savings unheard of with restaurants.

Building Management Systems for Restaurant Chains - PDF

    Key Benefits & Features:
  • Regular review of building performance to determine areas of peak performance and areas where savings can be maximized
  • A suite of reports for tracking performance, exceptions, compliance and successes with your building equipment
  • Intelligent dispatch to minimize repeat visits and insure quick turn-around
  • Trend of service calls, frequency of equipment maintenance & performance
  • Demand Control Lighting hardware that reduces electrical consumption without an impact on the building environment
  • Automated adjustments based on electrical demand, or environmental variables to minimize consumption
  • Sensors for providing feedback on almost any point in your building
  • Sophisticated alarming with distribution to the appropriate responsible party
  • Ubiquity interface is available from any internet-connected location
  • Knowledgeable staff consultations to determine other potential areas of increased performance
  • Integration with Utility Payment software

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