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Budget reductions and turn-over can make it difficult to insure proper ongoing management of engineered systems. TCS offers free life-time support of all of their products and software. Ubiquity was developed with an emphasis on intuitive management for technical and non-technical users alike. Users will experience an interface that is both responsive and incredibly easy-to-use. Plus you will have the assurance that whenever you have a question, TCS will be there with an answer.


Connecting with a TCS system could not be easier - requiring little to no IT involvement to get the system communicating. Once again, TCS is there to assist every step of the way.

Our controls and systems provide the power & flexibility you need at a price point everyone can appreciate.

    Key Features & Benefits:
  • All TCS hardware works standalone or networked
  • No software installation required
  • TCS technical support provided free-of-charge
  • Application specific controls suitable for the majority of installations
  • Ubiquity provides tools for demand limiting routines
  • Options for wireless communications

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