Tech Support Resources

This page contains links to many of the technical support resources provided within our catalog, as well as, a few that are only available online. We have attempted to make this page as complete as possible. However, if you cannot find something you want or need, please use the information request page or contact your sales representative directly by calling 800.288.9383
Tech Support

Field Recalibration Guides

Temperature Transmitter Recalibration
Humidity Transmitter Recalibration


Security and Functionality (QD/QWL Gateway)
System Architecture
Network Wirinig and Setup
Troubleshooting Wiring and Setup
Troubleshooting QD2020i
Troubleshooting QD2020ie
RTD Temp-Resistance Conversion Chart
Glossary of Term

Tech Support Bulletins

1001 - QD2040-MAX Modem Not Working
1002 - SZ1025b Analog Output is “Hunting”
1003 - SZW133’s Display Issue
1004 - QW1010A Jumper Placement
1005 - Thermostat Sensor Calibration
1006 - QD/QWL Series Troubleshooting
1007 - Troubleshooting Network Wiring
1008 - Sensor Troubleshooting
1009 - Pre-Programmed QD2010 Replacement Connection Directions
1010 - QWL 3.0 Panel Gateway Replacement
1011 - QD2040 - Not Auto Starting
1012 - QD2040 (all versions) - Reboot/Shutdown
1016 - UPS No Longer Required
1017 - Lennox "L" Series Roof Top Units
1018 - Interpreting Trane Models for Capability with TCS Thermostats
1019 - Calibrating SZ1033 using Insight
1023 - Hex File Update
1024 - TCS Basys Thermostat Guidelines
1025 - QWL3.0 Transient Voltage
1026 - QD2020 Series Discontinued
1027 - Domain Name vs. IP
1031 - Graphical User Interface
1032 - Network Access to Support Ubiquity Troubleshooting
1034 - Testing Controller / Thermostat Communications Chip
1036 - New Power Supply for QWL3.0 and QD2040
1039 - QD2040 Password Change for RedHat Version
1040 - TQ1008 Lighting Override Programming
1041 - End of Life Notice Certain QD2040 Devices
1045 - Temp Calibration - Remote Room Sensors

EZ Instructions/Quick Guides

EZ Installation & Commisioning Guide
QD2040 EZ Installation & Prog. Ins.

Product Drivers

Image Resources
Product Images
Wiring Diagrams
Application Diagrams
Line Drawings

2 Pipe Fan Coil Unit
4 Pipe Fan Coil Unit
AHU Control with Modulating Econ
Boiler Control with Outdoor Air Reset
Boiler Control with Rotation Sequence
Building Static Pressure
Chiller Control with Rotation Sequence
DX Cooling with Dehumidification and Reheat
Forced Air Zoning
Heat Pump Water Loop
Heat Pump with Reversing Valve and Auxiliary Heat
Modulating Chilled Water Cooling and Dehum wReheat
Modulating Chilled Water with Modulating Econ
Modulating Econ with Temp and Carbon Dioxide Control
Pressure Indep VAV Control
Rooftop Unit with Modulating Econ
Rooftop unit with Packaged Econ or Occ Fresh Air
Sharing Analog Inputs SZ1143b
Single Duct Zone Reheat Terminal Unit
Superstat Occ and Digital Input App